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Mohamad Mazaheri

Mohamad Mazaheri

Master of Artificial Intelligence

Senior Full Stack Developer

Senior programmer and web designer




Team Foundation: Agile Scrum, Scrum Master, TFS, Git, GitHub, AZURE, DevOps, System Control, Version Control


BackEnd: ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework, Linq, Rest | GraphQl | SignalR, Identity Server | JWT Token, OOP | Solid | Design Patern, Asynchronous, ...


FrontEnd: Ui, UX, Bootstrap, Material Design, Css FrameWork (Sass, Less), Java Script, Angular, PWA | SSR | SPA, Rxjs, ReactJs | ReactNative, ...


DB: Sql Server, SQL Server Profiler, PostgreSql, MongoDb, Advanced Queries, Stored Procedure, Trigger or Jobs, View, Indexes, ...


Server Windows Server, Linux, IIS, Dokcer, SolidCp, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Certificate, Dns Manager, Cloud Service, ...


Other: MicroService, Pyhton, Stock Marketing, Machine learning, Deep learning, MQL, Forex, ...


Work Experience

  • TarhBama - CEO and Founder (Jun 2021 - Present)
    • Manage and develop web services with Asp.net Core
    • Manage and design Tarhbama.com with Angular
    • Implement Universal & SSR, PWA application
    • Set up and install server requirements for the site
    • Launch CDN Manager for upload
  • Safr724 - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Data Engineer (Nov 2020 - Present)
    • Implementing the agency panel (ticket buying and selling panel for the country's terminals) with Angular with special features such as ticket printing and working with keyboard shurtcuts
    • Implementation of management panel (possibility to view sales companies and multiple charts and reports) with Angular
    • Management and analysis of mechanized payment project for passenger companies to interact with the bank as well as accounting of terminals with .NET Core
    • Development of Sepehrpooz project to communicate with Pooz Ab .NetKor
    • Managing and launching the Poz project for the Poz Android operating system with the ability to sell tickets with Angular
    • Manage and launch ticket sales software for suburban kiosks with Angular terminals
    • Develop a Vendor application to close the service status statement (check the presence of passengers and identify drivers) with React Native
    • Refactor and travel site development 724 for better speed as well as Opt Seo site
    • Development and refinery CentralServerWCF Main bus ticket sales service (for Alibaba, Master Ticket, etc.)
    • Manager and launch of CRM project based on Angular and .NET Core to manage simultaneous calls and events as well as establish contacts with SignalR, Kafka, Docker technologies
  • AloOstad - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Data Engineer (Jul 2017 - Jun 2021)
    • Manage and develop web services with Asp.net Core
    • Manage and design Aloostad.com with Angular
    • Launching Alo Master application with React Native
    • Setting up and installing server prerequisites for Alwastad site
  • Idea Gostar Pouria - Senior .Net Developer (Apr 2018 - Apr 2021)
    • Cooperation in implementing FrameWorkERP with MVC (Customers: Pars Khodro, Persia Khodro, Bahman Group, Kerman Motor, Negin Khodro, etc.)
    • Implementation of CMS Seven System Pro General (Customers: Madiran, Daria Hamrah and most of Iran's industrial companies)
    • Management and implementation of after-sales service modules, accounting, agents, warehousing and agents and branches
    • Implementation of Pose connections, communication with Simotel, dedicated Crm, SignalR, DynamicTab, DynamicAuth
  • Dr. Saina - Senior Full Stack Developer (Jul 2016 - Jun 2017)
    • Implement site dashboard with Angular
    • Solve problems with slowness of pages and APIs
  • Samane Kish - Web Developer (Apr 2013 - Apr 2016)
    • Cms Human Resources
    • Launching rata.ir site Buy and sell tickets with AngularJs
  • Bojnourd Governorate - Office Automation (2012 - 2013)
    • Implementation of Wikipedia-like for internal automation
    • Office management software with WPF
    • University class management software of all Bojnourd universities with WPF
  • Freelancer programming
    • Rahjoo Adl Legal Institute - Rahjoo Adl Institute (2020)
    • Airmec Compressor - Compressor Fin (2016)
    • Fin Compressor - Bojnourd Cinema Amigh (2019)
    • Fin Compressor - Finn Compressor (2015)
    • Manto Flora - Flora Store (2014)